Tips For Preserving Your Fresh Flowers

Although most people love fresh-cut flowers, the one downside to them is the fact that they don't last long. If you're looking for ways to extend the life of or preserve the flowers you're investing in, there are many options. Before you just let them wilt and die, read on to see two ways that you can protect them. Silica Preservation One way to preserve fresh flowers is with silica gel.

Create A Stunning Centerpieces For Delicious Harvest Feasts

The harvest moon has come and gone, signalling the start of seasonal celebrations featuring fine fall fare. Families and communities all over the country are gathering together to enjoy the bounty of the season. Whether you're hosting a large dinner for family and friends or having a romantic repast for two with your partner, a fabulous centerpiece can add a festive accent. Here's how to create a stunning seasonally themed centerpiece that will make even the most humble meal feel special.

The Dos And Don'ts Of Celebrating National Boyfriends Day

National Boyfriends Day falls on October 3 every year. This annual holiday is all about celebrating your boyfriend and showing him how much you appreciate having the guy in your life. It's meant to be a fun thing, so treat the holiday in the jovial way it's intended. Follow these dos and don'ts when observing National Boyfriends Day. Do Send a Beautiful Bouquet Gorgeous floral bouquets aren't just for women. They are also an awesome gift for the modern man on National Boyfriends Day.