Flower Ideas to Celebrate a New Baby

When someone you care about has a baby, one of the common ways that you can celebrate and offer your congratulations is with a bouquet of flowers. You have the option of taking the flowers to the hospital when you visit the person and their infant, but another idea is to get the flowers delivered to the family's residence a day or two after they get home from the hospital. There are all sorts of options for you to consider when you visit a local florist and begin assessing what type of arrangement you want to buy. Here are some ideas to consider when you shop.

Traditional Gender Colors

While there are some families that prefer to avoid the traditional gender colors of pink and blue, you'll find that a lot of families still enjoy using these colors after having a baby. This can mean that they decorate their nursery in one of these colors and buy a large selection of clothing in either color for the child. If you know that the parents have taken this approach, it can be fun to choose an arrangement that features either pink or blue. Generally, the florist will include other colors of blooms in the arrangement, including white, to create visual interest.

Baby-Appropriate Vase

Instead of getting a generic vase for the flowers, see what baby-appropriate options are available to you. Florists generally have all sorts of options, and you'll have fun choosing something that has a cheery and relevant look. For example, if you know that the family has decorated the nursery with a certain type of animal as the theme, see if you can find a vase that depicts that animal. Vases with images of baby footprints, congratulatory wording, and other designs are also available and worth considering.

Additional Decorations

A flower shop has all sorts of additional decorations that you can add to your arrangement. It's important to ensure that the arrangement really suits the occasion instead of looks generic, so consider what decorative pieces are available. For example, you might want a colorful ribbon with wording such as "New Baby" wrapped around the perimeter of the arrangement. Or, maybe you want a small foil balloon with some appropriate wording added to the arrangement. Remember to also fill out a small card that you can include with the flowers. The florist will have several card options that relate to having a baby.