Create A Stunning Centerpieces For Delicious Harvest Feasts

The harvest moon has come and gone, signalling the start of seasonal celebrations featuring fine fall fare. Families and communities all over the country are gathering together to enjoy the bounty of the season. Whether you're hosting a large dinner for family and friends or having a romantic repast for two with your partner, a fabulous centerpiece can add a festive accent. Here's how to create a stunning seasonally themed centerpiece that will make even the most humble meal feel special. 

A Pumpkin Full of Mums

For a quick centerpiece appropriate for family feasts or casual dinner parties, fill a pumpkin full of mums. The pumpkin can be real, or you can opt to purchase a realistic looking pumpkin vase from a craft or specialty store. Hollowed out real pumpkins should hold water just fine, but you can also place the flowers in a slightly smaller vase or bowl and slip it inside the pumpkin. You can also choose to not limit yourself to just mums, even though they're an excellent choice because they're a quintessential autumn flower. Your flower shop should have other seasonal selections available such as dahlias and zinnias. 

A Tablescape Teeming With White Pumpkins

For more elegant celebrations, tablescape with white pumpkins rather than their more colorful counterparts. Use them to surround creamy ivory or shell pink candles, bunch them in a see-through basket, or use a table pedestal to showcase a large white pumpkin surrounded by white mums. Use your imagination and you'll be able to come up with dozens of ways to use white pumpkins to dress up your celebratory table, such as dusting them lightly with subtle silver glitter. 

Let the Sunflowers Shine In

Making a dramatic statement centerpiece is easy when sunflowers are a part of the picture. You can choose to place a large single stalk in a tall vase in the middle of the table and surround it with smaller varieties -- there are so many different types of sunflowers that you'll have no trouble finding the sizes that you need. Colors range from creamy white through mahogany, although most are somewhere in the gold spectrum. Because sunflowers have become so popular in recent years, flower shops are usually well-stocked with an array of varieties. 

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