The Dos And Don'ts Of Celebrating National Boyfriends Day

National Boyfriends Day falls on October 3 every year. This annual holiday is all about celebrating your boyfriend and showing him how much you appreciate having the guy in your life. It's meant to be a fun thing, so treat the holiday in the jovial way it's intended. Follow these dos and don'ts when observing National Boyfriends Day.

Do Send a Beautiful Bouquet

Gorgeous floral bouquets aren't just for women. They are also an awesome gift for the modern man on National Boyfriends Day. Select flowers in his favorite colors or even the colors of the sports team he cheers on. Personalize the bouquet for his interests in other ways. In fact, floral presents can include gifts he can keep, so you may also want to choose items for an accompanying gift basket. If in doubt, talk to your florist about the possibilities for masculine bouquets.

Don't Get Carried Away

The only danger of celebrating National Boyfriends Day is the fact that it's easy to get a little carried away with it. Try to keep it in perspective. It's not meant to be a celebration that eclipses birthdays or winter holidays. It's simply a way to show your appreciation and have some fun. A tasteful bouquet is sufficient. You don't have to go spend hundreds of dollars to show your guy how much you care on the holiday.

Do Send a Personal Card

Guys enjoy hearing words of appreciation. Write a personalized card to send to your boyfriend along with a beautiful bouquet from the florist, and you are likely to really make him feel special. As Psychology Today reports, being appreciated help people feel connected and helps enhance the sense of meaning in one's life, so be generous with telling your guy how much you appreciate having him as your boyfriend.

Don't Hesitate to Discuss it with Your Guy

National Boyfriends Day is supposed to celebrate your beau, so don't hesitate to discuss it with him. This doesn't have to be complicated in any way. Just let him know what you're thinking of doing for the holiday and ask for his feedback. That way, you can feel confident in ordering flowers and writing a love note, and you won't have to worry about a surprise reaction.

Finally, keep in mind that National Boyfriends Day is meant to be fun. Celebrate it however you feel is right. If you send your boyfriend a fantastic bouquet in his favorite colors and treat him to a night of romance, you may find that men and women aren't so different when it comes to how much they enjoy simply being appreciated.