5 Tips For Building A Beautiful Graduation Bouquet

Flowers are used as a way to celebrate a variety of important life events, which is why a bouquet is a natural gift to give the graduate on their special day. When it comes to what flowers you give your graduate, you will want to give it some thought to get things right.

Tip #1: Keep It Bright

You will be celebrating a very special occasion, so you are going to keep the bouquet positive and cheerful. You are going to want to stick to bright colors that evoke a positive feeling. This is not the time for a dark or dark humor bouquet; this is a time to celebrate.

Tip #2: Use the School Colors 

It is always a classic to include at least some flowers that are the color of your graduate's school. Using the school colors will tie the flowers into the special event that you are celebrating and is a great way to acknowledge that your loved ones just finished a significant milestone with their school.

Tip #3: Make It Personal

Next, it is a smart idea to make it personal when it comes to the arrangement. You are going to want to add your graduate's favorite colors or flowers to the arrangement. This will show that the bouquet was not just an afterthought or something that you picked up at the store but also something you personally crafted. Adding a personal touch is a great way to show you care.

Tip #4: Easy to Transport

There is going to be a lot going on during your loved one's graduation. After they receive their diploma and the ceremony is over, they will want to take pictures with everyone, give out hugs and hi-fives, and thank everyone for attending. Then, there may be a celebration at home or a restaurant. You will want to make sure your flowers are easy to transport through all the graduation activities that will follow the actual ceremony.

Tip #5: Use Meaningful Flowers

Flowers carry a variety of meanings. You will want to use flowers that have good associations, such as birth and life, in your bouquet. Roses are a popular choice as they show thoughtfulness and come in many colors, allowing you to use roses for the flowers representing your graduate's schools. Carnations are suitable for this purpose as well. Both gerberas and orchids are colorful flowers that work well in a flower arrangement.

When it comes to designing a bouquet for graduation, you will want to use the colors of the graduate's school and colors or flowers that are purposefully meaningful for the graduate. Keep it meaningful, bright, cheerful, and easy to transport. Talk to a florist for more ideas.