Why Competing In Orchid Shows Is Such A Satisfying Hobby

All people need a hobby. They need something that provides them with a sense of accomplishment and emotional satisfaction. Finding and cultivating a hobby is difficult, but when you finally find a hobby that you love, you should consider pursuing it to the next (and competitive) level.

For example, an orchid show and competition is a way in which you can develop and literally cultivate your hobby of growing orchids and then find out just how well you do at this hobby in comparison to other orchid-growing hobbyists. A popular example of an orchid show to enter (once you have been growing and cultivating orchids for a few years) is the Jeff Leatham NYBG Orchid Show, but there are lots of regional and local orchid shows near you too. Here is why competing in an orchid show will be such a satisfying hobby for you. 

Orchids Are Beautiful

People are drawn to beautiful things and repulsed by ugly things. It is in human nature to do so. There is also a sense of peace and calm at looking at something really beautiful, and that is true of orchids. Growing your orchids over a period of several months and preparing the prize examples for the orchid show is a process of beauty too. 

Dirt Has a Soothing Scent and So Do Orchids

Dirt has a soothing odor and so do the orchids that grow from it. Even when you enter your orchids in a contest, you can have that sense of soothing calm because you are in a building that smells very strongly of dirt and perfumed orchids at the same time. You may be incredibly excited and nervous about the competition, but the minute you smell all of the dirt and orchids around, you are transported almost to a state of zen. 

If You Win, You Have the World of Florists Recognizing Your Achievement

If you win one of the top spots for orchid cultivation and growing, there is a prize involved, but the ultimate prize is having famous florists recognize your efforts. Winners are featured in floral magazines and florists to the rich and famous want your orchids. Your recognition for something that started out as a simple hobby and has turned into a major achievement gives you such a satisfying sense of accomplishment and renown that not much else like it can compare. It is worth the shot.