Five Flowers And Holiday Plants You Need To Order For Christmas Before They're Gone

Most people generally do not associate flowers with Christmas. However, there are many holiday plants that have been associated with this holiday, and they are regularly sold out before Christmas day. If you want any of the top five flowers or holiday plants this holiday season, you will need to order them before they are all gone. In case you are not certain what those flowers and plants are, the following list is provided.


Poinsettias are the number one plant for Christmas. Greenhouses in Mexico begin growing these plants almost immediately after Christmas every year in order to meet next year's demands for this "flowering" plant. The actual plants themselves do not produce red leaves (which is what the colored "petals" really are), but instead grow white leaves. Greenhouses either add dyes to the water fed to the plants, or the plants' white leaves are spray-painted a deep red. You can always tell which process was chosen by your local flower stores when they offer poinsettias in a rainbow of colors, or more recently, with ​glitter.


Traditional mistletoe sports highly toxic white berries and white flowers with its rich, waxy green leaves. It is very hard to come by these days, unless you special order it weeks in advance to Christmas. Just make sure that children and pets cannot pluck off or eat the berries!


Holly (with its equally toxic red berries) is such a beautiful decoration that it cannot be left out of your holiday decorations. If you have kids and pets, buy the holly with the fake berries intertwined in this prickly plant. Otherwise, special-order your holly garland or holly plants weeks ahead of time. It takes that long for your florist to locate these plants and have them shipped in time for Christmas.

Christmas Cactus

If you live in the Southwest, you might want to order and purchase a Christmas cactus. These cacti bloom every year, but only at Christmas time. Growers have tried to get them to bloom again during the year, but the plant's "stubbornness" just will not allow it. If you have a green thumb, however, you can get a Christmas cactus to stay alive and just go dormant the rest of the year, which is what these plants do in the wild. The beautiful bright pink flowers they produce are almost red, and closely resemble orchids or lilies.

Christmas Rose

These roses are not red, as you might expect. Like the poinsettia, they are snow-white. When red roses are out of season, give these Christmas roses instead.

Get in touch with a local flower store for more information.