4 Mistakes To Avoid When Caring For Your Hanging Terrarium

Hanging terrariums are a beautiful addition to your home. They let you enjoy plants in a whole new way. While terrariums are relatively easy to care for -- in many ways, less is more -- they are not foolproof. Here are a few mistakes that people sometimes make when caring for their hanging terrariums.

1. Placing the terrarium directly in the sun.

It would seem like sunshine would be good for your terrarium. After all, plants do need sunshine to thrive! But placing your terrarium directly in the sunshine is not a good idea. The glass that encases the plants acts like a magnifying glass, amplifying the light that flows into the terrarium. A little sunshine goes a long way, and too much will just scorch your plants. Instead of putting the terrarium right inside the window, place it off to the side, so it gets some indirect sunshine.

2. Placing the terrarium over a heat vent.

People often make this mistake without even thinking about it. The heating vent may be located on the wall or floor right below where you hang your terrarium. The problem is, this flowing heat warms the plants up too much, causing them to die off slowly. Always check to make sure your terrarium is not near a heat vent or radiator. Place it far away from space heaters and ovens, too!

3. Never pruning your plants.

Terrarium plants are meant to need little maintenance, but you do need to prune them back occasionally to keep them from touching the glass. (Touching the glass can scorch them and also encourage rot.) Just trim the tips of the plants with your scissors every two weeks or so when they start looking too long and lush. Regular pruning also encourages the plants to get bushy, rather than tall, which leads to a more attractive terrarium.

4. Not removing dead plants.

If one of the plants in your hanging terrarium should die, open up the glass and remove the dead plant. Leaving it in place will only increase the damage to other plants more likely. You should also pluck out any dead leaves that fall from the plant. 

If you have any additional questions about caring for your hanging terrarium, ask the florist who sold you the terrarium. These gorgeous hanging displays often come with detailed instructions, and your florist can also help you troubleshoot odd problems that arise.