A Lovely Gesture: How Flowers Can Brighten Anyone's Day

The giving of flowers from one person to another has long been associated with close relationships. Romantic partners, friends, and close family have long been the givers and receivers of flowers as a sign of love, friendship, and unity. Though many may consider this practice outdated and archaic, the gesture of giving flowers has remained a timeless way to express one's feelings to another through a thoughtful and natural way. After all, some traditions remain so for a good reason and flowers are no exception. 

With those seeking to give flowers to another, a good place to start would be what the intentions are. With romantic gestures, red roses have traditionally been associated with lovers, anniversaries, and dates. However, according to an article in The Washington Post, times are changing and flowers should instead reflect the personal preferences of the receiver. For example, if a wife prefers pink roses with baby's breath and sprigs of fresh, green leaves, such a bouquet would be more than acceptable for an anniversary. Now more than ever, it is the thought that counts, even if it means breaking the more expected norms of flower-giving. Friendships have long been celebrated with flowers as well, often in bright colors. What is important to remember is what this particular friend loves about flowers, which flowers they may prefer, and what colors appeal to them. Rather than a bouquet of daisies to celebrate a friendship or milestone of a friend, a single iris may be more welcome. More sobering occasions for the act of giving flowers would be condolence or funerals. In such a case, it is helpful to know what the passed individual may have wanted while still remaining classy and dignified in accordance with the procession itself. 

Another benefit of keeping the tradition of flowers alive is that rather than a bouquet simply wilting away, flowers can be purchased for long-term care if those receiving the flowers would more appreciate this type of gift. A friend who has lost a pet, for example, may feel the need to care for something new. A flower such as daffodil bulbs would be a wonderful way to allow this friend to help heal from their loss while at the same time anticipating the arrival of blossoming life. Bouquets can also be preserved as well, ensuring that the memory of the particular occasion is maintained and passed on if desired. Modern days need not discourage one from continuing in this beautiful tradition of giving flowers to another. It is a gesture that is timeless and will always remain so.  Find a flower shop near you to visit for this special gift.