Tips For Decorating With A Flower Bouquet

Flowers add color and cheer to your décor. Fresh flowers are an easy way to update your rooms. Many people, though, just put their bouquets in a handy vase and set the flowers somewhere they draw attention. This strategy works just fine, but you can also maximize the impact of your bouquet. Find out some tips for how to decorate with a flower bouquet.

Use an Unusual Vase

Flower bouquets sometimes come with their own vases. Whether yours does or not, consider transferring the bouquet to an unusual vase. Decorating websites describe the use of coffee pots, rubber boots, and even tin cans in lieu of a standard vase. Try to match the bouquet style to the vase. For instance, use a humble vase like the tin can for a simple bouquet of flowers.

Add Décor to a Clear Vase

If you want to stick with a clear vase, consider adding décor inside to add visual interest. Anything that's waterproof will do. For example, you could add pretty stones, shells, or glass pieces in with the water. Look for items that somehow complement the flowers. So, you might include stones that feature the same hue as a flower in the bouquet.

Group the Bouquet With Other Décor Items

Even though fresh flowers are an impermanent accent item, you can still make them interact with your current décor.  Instead of placing them alone somewhere, find other accent pieces to group with them. This idea works especially well with an unusual or decorative vase. For example, if you placed the flowers in an old water pitcher, you could place it with other kitchen-related items.

Place the Bouquet in Front of a Mirror

Another way that your bouquet can interact with other décor pieces is if you place it in front of a mirror. Indeed, you'll double up on the impact of the flowers because they'll be reflected in the mirror. Find a vase that elevates the bouquet into the mirror. It doesn't have to reflect all the blooms, but you do want a good number of flowers in the reflection.

Adhere to a Décor Style

Certain styles of décor call for specific flowers. For example, simple flowers, such as daisies work, well for country décor, while an elaborate style, such as French décor, would be better augmented with lush flowers. Likewise, any flowers with interesting shapes, such as lilies, complement the modern aesthetic. If you have a specific décor style, choose flowers that complement it.

Make your flower bouquet the center of attention by trying some of the above tips.